Scope of Service

We do pre-purchase inspection of houses, 2-3 flats and condominiums, specializing in vintage properties in and near the city of Chicago.

Speaker of the House Property Inspections is a small company, with the owner, Mike Massart, conducting each inspection and writing each report. We do not offer property management services such as leak tracing/”forensic” inspection, nor do we provide pre-listing/seller inspections. We are happy, however to offer our pre-purchase clients referrals to specialists when environmental (radon, lead, oil tank, asbestos, etc.) concerns arise.

Hours of operation:  inspections are performed during normal business hours, typically 9am and 2pm start times, however we are happy to accommodate your schedule whenever possible. 

Report delivery is by the following business day, via email with hard copy mailed upon request. Reports typically involve 10+ pages of narrative report description plus several pages of photos. Clients are encouraged to have their attorney and, if applicable, agent email addresses handy at the time of inspection.