First-Time Buyers: Here’s What You Can Expect

“I loved accompanying you for the past two home inspections and found them to be great learning experiences concerning the property and home repair in general. Thank you for your honesty, thoroughness and professionalism.” – Pam B.

First time buyers love attending an inspection with Mike Massart. He doesn’t silently fill out a checklist…the inspector involves you so you can become experts in your new home. He not only provides basic knowlege you'll need, such as emergency valve or switch locations, but also the knowledge that will help you become a savvy consumer.

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> Full Report - Cosmetically Rehabbed Brick Ranch

> Photo Supplement - Cosmetically Rehabbed Brick Ranch

> Full Report - Brick Rehabbed Ranch

> Full Report - Brick Rehabbed Two Flat

> Photo Supplement - Circa 1900 Frame Building

> Full Report - Older Narrative, Average

> Photo Supplement - Older, Rehab

> Full Report - Condo Conversion

> Full Report - Condo Conversion

> Full Report - Older Brick Home

> Full Report - New Condo with Some Concerns