Our Clients Speak for Us

“It was money well spent.” – Donovan B.

Mike’s clients know they’re welcome to pick up the phone any time they have a question—not just during the purchase period.

Here are what a few clients have said:

“Mike did a wonderful job and found items which saved me thousands of dollars, to say nothing about the hassle and frustration doing these repairs would have entailed. He was very detailed, and provided me with suggestions and advice on some minor issues. In my four home purchasing experiences I have seen some excellent and some not so good home inspections, and I can say with confidence that Mike did the best home inspection I have ever seen.” - George Y.

“Thank you so much. I truly appreciate all your extra help and follow up – you have seriously gone above and beyond.” – Jennie D.

“Thanks so much. I definitely felt you did a job above and beyond and appreciate your candor.” - Matthew A.