About Speaker of the House Property Inspections

Speaker of the House Property Inspections is operated by Principal Inspector Michael Massart. As an inspector for Speaker of the House since 1996, Mike has operated independently in Chicago and nearby Cook County suburbs since 2003. Mike’s experience and knowledge of Chicago buildings – including their quirks and their charms – is extensive.

As a seasoned pro, Mike was among the first 100 inspectors licensed in the state of Illinois and is a charter member of the Illinois Home Inspectors Association. He maintains full American Society of Home Inspectors membership. He remains active, periodically training newer inspectors for the Northern Illinois chapter.

Understanding the Chicago Market

Over the last ten years, Mike has inspected thousands of properties, ranging from studio condominiums to high-rise penthouses, from Chicago Fire-era frame houses to sprawling estates.

The core of our business, though, is the condominium and single-family homes familiar to all Chicagoans. Accustomed to construction practices as they have evolved over the decades, and how they differ between the city and suburbs, Mike knows Chicago buildings—from brand-new to turn-of-the-century styles.

The inspector’s strategy is to “interrogate” the building. Too many times, cosmetic repairs merely cover up underlying problems. A thorough inspection can reveal bad water pressure, clogged sewers, or overloaded wiring—yes, these things can happen even with granite countertops!

Bringing You Peace of Mind

Mike knows how important your investment is. With every inspection, he's

“I really love my job”

As the owner of a 90-year-old home, Mike knows the anxiety that can come with the home-buying process. When you’re his client, you’re going to learn all you want to know about your new home. For him, the home inspection isn’t just another day at work. It’s helping fellow Chicagoans make the most of their homes.